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Sewing Manga Character Costumes for Beginners


zerogrades sosewManga characters are always being cosplayed because of their millions of fans wanting to walk a mile in their shoes—literally. Although it may not seem normal to want to dress like manga characters, these fans are very dedicated to cosplay that they sew their own costumes. Yes, most cosplayers create their own costumes. This is very good because learning how to sew is also an essential part of life. It’s easier to mend your clothes if you know basic sewing.

Sewing also helps a person become more relaxed that’s why other people make it their hobby. Anime fans who create their own costumes from scratch range from beginners to advance sewers. Most people spend a lot of money for the materials used in their costumes. Some costumes even cost hundreds to thousands of dollars so imagine how special they must look. If you are new to sewing and you are going to work on your first project, you’ll have to find a sewing machine you can borrow for the mean time. As a beginner sewer, buying a new sewing machine may be impractical if you haven’ completely decided to pursue the hobby.

If you’re sure this is something you want to keep doing, investing in a sewing machine is the best way to start. Find recommendations for the best sewing machines for beginners. Here are more tips that can make it an easier experience for you.

Cutting a pattern and transferring pattern marks

You need to know how to cut and prepare the material that you are going to use as well as the patterns that you are going to use. As you may already know, attention to detail and accuracy are important in sewing. The first step is to look for different tips when it comes to pattern cutting to help you get used to it. Remember that even a small mistake can lead to ruined projects in the long run. There are patterns in the garments indicating pockets, zippers and buttonholes. You also need to make sure you transfer these marks accurately. There are different ways to transfer these marks so research your way to the best way for you.

Making buttonholes

Many clothes need to have more than one closure for better fit and functionality. Buttons is just one of the many closing options that you can make. Sewing buttonholes can seem like a hard task to do, this is why most sewing machines come with an automatic buttonhole feature to make it easier. Attention to detail is also important here because it can save you lots of time. Always check if the buttonholes that you make are all lined up in a correct way for better results.

Installing a zipper

This is a different type of closure and they are not that hard to install but you also need to have a little practice before you can truly make them with ease. There are classes that focus on techniques that you need to know when it comes to zippers. Once you learn how to install zippers like a professional, then you are surely on your way to success.

Sewing darts and pleats

Darts are used to design clothes and provide shape to the material. Most darts can be seen around the bust area of a dress. A beginner should learn how to mark and sew a perfect dart. Pleats are used on most garments to give it some texture and shape. From what I believe, it’s easier to learn how to create pleats than darts.