Finding Your Fellow Anime Lover – the internet can help!

zeronet psychicloveFinding a good friend that shares your passion for anime can be a thrilling experience. The same hobbies and interests is always a good start to get to know a person. If you have something in common, a chance of liking each other and having a good conversation is higher. There are many anime lovers around the world so it should be pretty easy to find someone. However, having the same interests doesn’t assure romance. You still have to get to know each other by spending enough time together and see if you can coexist. It’s not an easy task but of course, getting in that kind of serious relationship takes time and experience. In the beginning, you want to find someone that you can talk to mostly. The first thing that would come in mind is your best interest—anime. There are many ways to get to know other anime fans around the world and here are some examples.

Play Online Games

Most people that love anime also play a lot of online games. There are many types of online games so you should definitely look into a game that’s also anime related. Find a game where the characters look like Japanese anime or something cute. Try to research on which online game is popular to anime fans as well to make sure.

Join Forums

There are plenty of online forums that revolve around different anime. Joining a forum will introduce you to new people and give you chances of getting to know someone. Most forums are free and you only need to be accepted by the administrators. This is a good way to start getting yourself out there on the internet.

Attend Anime Events

Attending events like Cosplays or Comic cons is also good to be with your peers. You will be around people that are into anime for sure and you get to take pictures with them. It’s also fun to check out different costumes from different animes. Most cosplayers go over the top with their costumes and spend top dollars to get it done.

Spend more time online

Anime lovers tend to stream anime online whenever they can. This is why you will often find them online. If you spend more time online, you can spend some of your time chatting with some new friends. You can introduce yourself and talk about the animes that you like. If someone else shares your interests, then maybe you can have some discussion about it. You can also resort to psychic readings online. If you’re specifically looking for more than just a friend, love reading online is also available.

Join Organizations

There are organizations that focus on Japan and things that are related to them. These organizations usually hold festivals just like those celebrated in Japan. Use this time to know more people that are also into the culture because they must also be interested in anime. Once you get to know these people, they will introduce you to more people and your crowd will become bigger. This increases the chance of meeting someone interesting.

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