Keeping Your Movie Watching Space Clean from Your Pets

zeronet vacuumpethairWatching movies is one of the best experiences that a person can have. Movies can take you to a different world and allow you to imagine that you are in a different place than where you really are. The best place to watch movies is a place where you feel relaxed and focused. Having pets around the house does not usually mix well with being a movie lover because they tend to make a mess. Every pet owner adores their pets just as much as they love movies and they want the best for them. Pets are around to make us feel loved and always be beside us when we feel alone. They also make us happy by being adorable and playing around with other pets. Although all of this is good, they still leave your house with lots of fur—especially on your carpets. If you love your pets, you will have to clean up after them no matter what. Pet vacuums are being sold today to help pet lovers with their main problem—fur. Shopping for a pet vacuum can look easy but there are things that you have to look into to be sure that your house—and movie area—stays clean.

Enhanced Suction Power

This is by far the most important feature that you are looking for as a pet owner. Good suction power should be able to lift pet hair from every kind of surface in the house to the dirt bin. There are standard 12 amps of suction power in most vacuum cleaners today but you might want to look into something that is higher. You should also take a look at the special features that the vacuum has to make sure it can handle the task at hand.

Vacuum Tools & Accessories

There are accessories that are unique to pet vacuums that make them more effective for cleaning up after your pets. This can include a special brush, connections, openings or small tools that are wider to prevent clogging. Check vacuums that are designed specifically for pets but you also want to make sure that it fits the description of the area that you need to clean.

Filtration Systems

Because you have animals present in your home, it increases the amount of allergens as well as reduce indoor air quality. Filtrations like HEPA or any multi stage filters can help remove eliminate and contain the amount of allergens present in a room. Removing animal hair may seem important but you also need to make sure that you remove dander around the home. This is not as visible as hair so it can be a hard task but it’s very important for your health.

Dirt Bin or Enhanced Bags

Some vacuums use optional multi-layered dirt bags which reduce the risk of dust/dirt from transferring to the motor or being exhausted back to the room. Since pets will increase the amount of dust in your home, it’s important to take steps to protect the life of your vacuum by using enhanced dirt bags, when available. Hoover WindTunnel is a bagless vacuum but is still an effective product for pet hair.

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